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Viqueque Match Yields Big Money for Local Laborers

by Building Markets
June 9, 2010

In a district like Viqueque, doing business can be quite a challenge. Cell phones are few, internet is for all intents and purposes non-existent, and resources for business development are scarce. This makes finding available goods and services such as workers in Viqueque a behemoth of a challenge for a construction outfit like United General Construction (UGC), based out of Dili. Peace Dividend Trust‘s team in Viqueque had anticipated problems such as these and responded by establishing an extensive network spanning across the district of small labor teams.

When approached with the request from UGC for workers to rehabilitate the Uatolari irrigation system, the matchmaking team quickly set to work. They gathered these labor groups together to explain the details of the project and to see which groups were interested. What resulted was 105 workers native to Viqueque district were hired onto the project, their combined salaries worth USD$45,630.  Instead of outsourcing workers from Dili or abroad, which admittedly would have been easier for UGC  without the help of the PDT matchmakers, the money was able to remain in the project’s very own district.

Irrigation Project in Uatolari

And a labor force isn’t the only thing provided to UGC by PDT’s Viqueque based staff. The team has been also been facilitating the rental of construction vehicles for UGC’s project manager, Mr. Constantinho Soares de Carvalho. Already, the team has assisted with the matching of 5 vehicles, worth a total of USD$13,000.

Matches such as these highlight the need rural district communities have for extended business networks and information. Without the matchmaking team, businesses lose a valuable resource when dealing with procurement.

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