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Our Thanks, Our Impact, and a Request

by Jennifer Holt
ديسمبر 18, 2019

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Since 2006, Building Markets has worked with 25,000 small businesses in crisis-affected parts of the world, and helped them create over 70,000 full-time equivalent jobs. Those jobs alleviate poverty, boost individual dignity, reduce dependence on aid, and help sustain peace. You can learn more about our results and how we achieve them by clicking here.

Our work would not be possible without support from individuals, governments, and foundations who understand and rely on our effectiveness in creating employment and economic growth. This year our goal is to raise $100,000 in unrestricted funding so that we can continue this important and impactful work (and we are on our way so thank you so much to all those who have generously contributed to date!!!). For those interested in including us in their end of year giving, please visit our online donation page here.

How effective have we been? Here are some highlights from the past decade:

JordanIn 2018, we shined a light on Jordanian and migrant-led firms. This included creating a network of 331 companies, releasing a market assessment, and identifying investment and growth opportunities.

Liberia. In 2017, we ended a five-year program, where we worked with 4,600 Liberian business owners, assisting them in winning $90 million dollars in new contracts, which created 4,382 jobs.

TurkeyIn 2016, we launched a program where for the first time we set out to understand the contributions of refugee entrepreneurs. We revealed that since the Syrian war began, they had started more than 6,000 formal companies, brought over $300 million in capital to the market, and were employing, on average, 9 people. Today, our network includes over 1,200 Syrian and Turkish firms and we just facilitated our first investment.

MozambiqueIn 2013, we focused our attention on a key barrier preventing small business from growing – access to capital. By 2016, our team had helped Mozambican entrepreneurs access $12 million in loans.

MyanmarIn 2012, we entered Myanmar with ambitious goals. By 2019, our Myanmar colleagues had assisted 3,198 local businesses across a range of sectors and helped them win $19 million in new contracts. Read our new report on SMEs operating in the recycling sector.

AfghanistanIn 2012, we concluded a six-year program in Afghanistan where we supported over 8,302 remarkable Afghan-led businesses. Through our services, more than USD $1 billion was directed into the Afghan economy, including women-owned businesses, creating 65,000 full-time equivalent jobs.

Timor-LesteIn 2011, we celebrated an indefatigable group of entrepreneurs from Timor-Leste. Together, through advocacy and matchmaking services, our network of local companies won 13,000 contracts.

HaitiIn 2010, following the devastating earthquake that took over 250,000 lives, our team identified 3,966 extraordinary Haitian-led companies who could respond to the crisis through the supply of local goods and services. By 2013, $28 million in contracts were won, creating much needed jobs, and growth.

Private sector jobs are gamechangers, especially in crisis-affected parts of the world.  And small businesses create them. With your continued help, we can scale our reach and programs, ensuring 2020 is brighter and better here at home and overseas. Thank you in advance for your support, and warm wishes this holiday season.


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