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Growing Exponentially Through Exports

by Nawar Maarri
September 22, 2023

Today, we’re returning to the ever evolving story of Ahmad Al Mahmud, owner of the small business Gidmak in Gaziantep, Türkiye. 

Gaziantep has been Ahmad’s home since he and his family left Syria after their factory was bombed at the start of the war. The total loss of all machinery and business assets, a major setback, propelled him forward where he found a new beginning in Gaziantep, Türkiye. Now, he’s growing his food machine and production line business with the help of Building Markets.

Gidmak is not just a small business, it’s a fixture of the community, employing 6 people now, up from 4 last year. “One of our employees was grappling with informal employment, without the security of insurance, before becoming a part of our team. His integration has not only brought stability to his life but has also brought about positive changes in his family, which comprises three children,” Ahmad recalls.

Ahmad is taking steps to grow his business, so he can help even more people through Gidmak. Recently, the most impactful services Ahmad has benefited from at Building Markets are related to exports. Ahmad has been working closely with Building Markets for the past two years, so the team has become familiar with Gidmak’s capabilities. The export team has their ear to the ground and when they hear of a great opportunity, they can then help connect small businesses in our network with the perfect match. In Ahmad’s case, the export opportunities shared by Building Markets have helped him to build up Gidmak thanks to these new partnerships.

“My relationship with Building Markets has been continuous and successful since we met for the first time. They have consistently shared export requests with us, and thanks to their support, we have not only sustained our business but also expanded it. We’re excited to share that we’ve secured four new contracts and are actively working on numerous other requests,” Ahmad shared with excitement.

Ahmad is future focused, always seeking and discovering new ways to grow his business. “Beyond just winning contracts, our partnership with Building Markets has empowered us to grow in various ways. We’ve been able to hire additional Syrian workers, and we’re on track to hire 2 more soon due to the substantial expansion of our operations. Building Markets’ support extends beyond financial gains; it has helped us build a strong reputation and connect with clients who value our industry expertise,” Ahmad shares.

Ahmad has big ideas for his company’s future. “We’re currently working on a project to produce machines that operate on solar energy. This initiative aligns with our social responsibilities and will contribute to both environmental sustainability and business growth,” Ahmad explains as he details his upcoming work.

To achieve his long-term goals for his company, Ahmad plans to dive further into the topic of international digital marketing with Building Markets, utilizing both online and in-person training courses to boost this aspect of his business. Not only is Ahmad benefiting from the training sessions provided by Building Markets, his whole marketing team has been involved and putting their new skills into action.

With his sights set on building up his exports, Ahmad isn’t just interested in digital marketing, he’s investing in it. Since working with Building Markets, Ahmad has decided to allocate a percentage of Gidmak’s budget exclusively to marketing efforts. So far they’ve developed a presence on social media, created a website, collaborated with advertising agencies, and participated in exhibitions to showcase Gidmak’s work. We can’t wait to see how his business grows!

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