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Look at our PDM-H Staff profile of the month!

by Anne Merametdjian
April 15, 2010


Every month you could see a staff profile in this blog, und better know the wonderful staff who is making PDM-H alive in Haïti !

This month it’s Ange-Marie JOSEPH. Good lecture!

Ange-Marie JOSEPH

She is : Verificator since August 2009

She’s coming from : Jérémie

She chose to work in Peace Dividend Trust :

Because the project is interesting, to better know the Haitian companies in Port au Prince.

She wanted to have an experience with an international organization and be helpful for the well being of the country.

What she loved in Peace Dividend Trust team :

The team spirit, the family spirit, the solidarity of the team and the management

What she is chatterbox about :

The country, the future of Haïti

What we should not ask her to talk about :


Her passions in life :

Her family, her daughter Brythanie, giving advice and have nice chats with friends

Her dreams :

‘’Wè Ayiti pran jaret’’ : see Haïti  being a developed country

‘’ wè Ayiti tankou lot peyi’’: see Haïti like other countries

Extra input for Peace Dividend Trust : Ange Marie created our motto ‘’Achte lakay, bay Ayiti jaret’’ and offered her voice for our radio spot.

Ange-Marie described by the others :

‘’ Ange Marie is a very responsible person who always took care in her duties. Mature she always motivated the team and gave a constructive advice during meetings. She also is creative as she proposed a creole motto that we selected for our marketing campaign. She was an excellent collaborator.’’

Ange-Marie will leave for personal reason this month, so we wish her all the best in her new life and thank her for all her contribution to the team!

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