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[New Resource] The Circular Economy Toolkit: Empowering SMEs Toward Sustainable Development

by Elizabeth Brown
September 15th, 2022

Helping Small Businesses Transition to the Circular Economy

Like organizations of all sizes, small businesses are building action plans to eliminate waste and pollution and protect our environment in the face of mounting challenges. But many don’t know where to begin. Simple solutions that embrace the circular economy are an excellent place to start.

To help small businesses transition into the circular economy, we’ve created a framework specifically for them to understand, design, and implement circular principles in their businesses. Our Toolkit explains why taking care of the environment and society can be profitable for businesses while avoiding future climate-related risks. It provides the tools, processes, and rationale to understand, design, validate, and implement circular economy strategies and business models into the organization and value chains.

Learn more about the crucial role of small businesses and other upstream actors in the circular economy and download the Circular Economy Toolkit HERE.

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