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We help businesses enter the circular economy.

Building Markets helps small businesses to eliminate waste and reduce emissions, identify new circular business opportunities, access new markets for profitable growth, generate jobs, and improve livelihoods.

The circular economy offers a significant opportunity for small businesses to access new opportunities while protecting the environment and society.

Why Circular Economy Toolkit For Small Businesses?

Competition globally has increased, and regulations, technological innovation, and social and environmental concerns are changing how enterprises do business today. But how do small businesses move away from business as usual? Often, companies do not know where to start, or they find the transition to be complex. Simple solutions that replace circular inputs from supplies that have or can be recycled are an excellent place to start.

The Toolkit explains why taking care of the environment and society can be profitable for businesses while avoiding future climate-related risks. It provides the tools, processes, and rationale to understand, design, validate, and implement circular economy strategies and business models into the organization and value chains.

Download the Circular Economy Toolkit:

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