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PDT is throwing a Party!

by Building Markets
October 11, 2010

Building a better peace is a complicated business of supporting local markets, creating jobs, organizing bike races, and throwing parties. Wait…what? Did something seem amiss about that last one? (and if the second-to-last one seems a little weird too, just click the link). If you’re confused, just think of it at as one of PDT’s guiding principles put into practice in a new environment. In the interest of buying locally, PDT’s New York headquarters is going to be producing what New York City is known best for, and that would be a good time (and who doesn’t like a good time?)

Are you interested yet? Here’s what you need to do:

1. RSVP on this website.
2. Show up at Haven (244 E. 51st St., between 2nd & 3rd Ave.) on October 13th at 6pm.
3. Enjoy yourself, meet new people, mix, mingle, repeat.
4. Learn more about what PDT does in Timor-Leste.
4. All proceeds go directly to those efforts!

Sounds good, right? It gets better.  For your 40$ donation you’ll also get one drink, canapés, and be entered into raffles for exciting prizes from NYC staples, including the NYC ballet, Studio Museum, and the Late Show with David Letterman. Again, all proceeds will go to funding PDT’s very important relief efforts in Timor-Leste. See you there!

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