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Small Business Revitalizes Community Via Tender Opportunities

by Gamze Cubukcu
July 12, 2023

Ahmad’s passion for helping others had been ignited long before he found success through small business, during his time as a procurement manager for an international NGO, when he became an expert in sourcing products in high demand.

Inspired by his experiences, Ahmad decided to channel his knowledge into his own venture in 2019, aptly naming his business “STI Experts” for their expert skill in exporting a wide range of products internationally. 

Early on as a small business leader, Ahmad forged key relationships with construction companies throughout Syria and actively pursued tenders related to the supply of construction materials. 

Now Ahmad’s taking his small business power to the next level of community action. He’s going after big contracts which support earthquake recovery, so he can grow his business while restoring his community and creating new jobs in the process. His company has recently supplied hygiene kits, food, and latrines as part of the ongoing earthquake response in Türkiye.

Reflecting on all that’s been possible through Ahmad’s small business action on the ground, it’s hard to believe that even Ahmad himself was displaced from his home just months ago. For Ahmad, taking the initial steps to participate in the earthquake response was a big turning point for him and his business

With a newfound drive to push forward, Ahmad has steadfastly worked to build up his business, harnessing social media and leveraging the support of Building Markets to find – and win – tenders. In fact, it was through Building Markets that Ahmad first heard about NGOs needing suppliers, which led to two game-changing partnerships for earthquake response.

Ahmad faced some challenges in the process, including his limited proficiency in Turkish. In addition, some of the tenders he wanted to apply for exceeded his financial capacity. Building Markets was able to help him face the barriers together, crossing these hurdles and connecting him to the opportunities that have ultimately helped him to grow his business.

Looking to the future, Ahmad is optimistic about the part his company, and other small businesses like it, can play in revitalizing the economy and community.

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